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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Squirting Butt Plug

Price: RM209.00

Product Introduction:
The product is made of imported jelly based silicone with a unique shape, a refined design and special functions such as vibration. It has a powerful multi-speed vibrating tip for anal stimulation and is especially for those of you who love the feel of cum squirting inside you.
The product is for women to masturbate or have anal games. It can greatly stimulate anal by means of tip vibration of 5″ soft ejaculating buff plug and would bring women rapid sexual pleasure.
Sterilize the toy with diluted alcohol (75%) before use and dab some lubricant onto it; it would have better result when being applied with condoms; press the buttons to adjust its vibrating speed.
Suitable Crowd
1. Specially recommended for those women who are seeking high-quality life experience.


Anonymous said...

post mentions 'better with condoms' but then it can't squirt inside you... wtf duh